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Spirit of the Dao



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GOATz rum is designed to be one of the finest spiced rum in the world distilled in Barbados, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. We selected Barbados pot and column stilled rum aged 3-5 years, Dominican column still rum aged 3 years, and, to bring some gorgeous funkiness to the GOATz, Jamaican pot still rum both un-aged and aged 3 years. All aging occurs in used bourbon barrels because it's the best way to age spiced rum.

Our spices are traditional: cinnamon, clove, cardamom, nutmeg, allspice, Star anise, and orange, but we've used a minimum amount of sugar to let the fine rum do more of the talking or goating. Baaaing? Maaaing? Bleating?

Bottled at 84 proof, Goatz is assertive without being pushy. It's strong enough to stand up when mixed with your favorite cola and elegant enough to be sipped over a large cube. Or spice up a traditional daiquiri. How does Goatz spiced rum talk to you?

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